Tasting...this moment of pleasure with flavours of fruits, flowers and spices is the living memory of… …the weather of the year, which will speak in this vintage, …the time we spent at chateau de Myrat to produce this wine: one year in the vineyard, two months harvesting, three weeks fermenting and two years maturing in oak barrels, …the time it tooks to the bottle to come into your hands. From time of pleasure to time of work, welcome to Myrat!

Moment of contrast

Sauternes is the wine of mixing and contrasts: fruity but spicy; creamy and soft but also full of freshness and elegance; complex and so easy to drink; delicious in pairings or by itself; marrying both a traditional dishes or a spicy exotic food. An appeal to imagination and meetings! Lets be surprised...


Moment of flavours

Peach, apricot, mango, lemon, candied orange, but also acacia, honey, licorice, or pepper and saffron…these are some of the flavours you can find while tasting a glass of chateau de Myrat. Wine of pleasure, wine of exception, with a unique aromatic power!

Moment of eternity

It is said that Sauternes is eternal…indeed, it ages beautifully. But every age will reveal its charm and beauty: young Myrat is a nervous and fresh wine with fruity and flowerly aromas. Then, with ages, fruits aromas will become more and more candied, combining with deep subtle spicy and smoky aromas.

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